​MKS coin

MKS coin is the currency of the Marksman company

We present to your attention MKS coin.

It is a currency of the Marksman company that will unite the whole world. Confidential and secure.

With MKS, you are your own Bank.

Development of the Marksman currency.

In 2017 a laboratory for the development of Marksman Coin was created, more than 200 cryptocurrency researchers and engineering talents were audited.

A team of more than 50 people started contributing to algorithm development and market analytics.

On this stage, the MKS coin can be obtained for free, all you need to do is perform simple tasks that are provided in the Marksman personal account.

MKS (coin) can be converted to any of the presented crypto currencies in your personal account.

As a special thanks to the MARKSMAN community, we’re offering a 2% bonus on all replenishment of Bitcoin valued from $1,000 USD.

For 48 hours only, you can take advantage of this exclusive offer by replenishment Bitcoin through our website.

Terms and conditions

  • The offer period will be between 17:01 PM 27 August and 11:59 AM 28 August UTC+1.
  • The 2% bonus will be calculated according to the value of the original order in USD and will be added at the end of the transaction.
  • The amount of Bitcoin received will vary according to the conversion rate at that time.
  • The additional amount cannot be withdrawn and is intended to increase your investment.

Sincerely Marksman company

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