Bonus card

What is the bonus program?

The bonus program is a product of the Marksman platform designed to promote and popularize our company.

By completing simple tasks, you will be able to receive monetary rewards that can be used both for investment purposes and for withdrawal to your payment system wallet.

The bonus program is a unique opportunity to earn money for certain actions in order to promote the company Marksman. To comply with the terms of the program can be anyone. Any task is paid for with cash bonuses credited to the account balance and available for Deposit or withdrawal.

Where to start?


Create an account on the Marksman website.


Subscribe to our social networks.


Make your first investment.

After these 3 simple steps, you can complete tasks and get bonuses.

What tasks can I perform?


Facebook review

Leave a review of the company's work on our Facebook page.


Review on Instagram

Tell your friends in Stories about our company.


Review on YouTube

Record a short 2-minute video on your YouTube channel.


Tell about us

Write an article about us on crypto resources or forums.


Invite friends

Invite your friends and acquaintances using the partner link.


And much more

Tasks are always update, stay tuned.

Rewards for completed tasks are paid as a cash bonus to the account balance, from which funds can be withdrawn to your payment system wallet or invested in a crypto pool.

Pay attention!

Tasks are published in the user's personal account and updated once every five days.

It means that one user can complete one of the submitted tasks once every five days. Otherwise, if the user completes the same task two or three times in five days, the funds will be credited only once.

Additional bonuses

In addition, one-time bonuses are provided for achieving certain amounts of the entire partner structure.

5,000 USD

25 MKS

10,000 USD

50 MKS

25,000 USD

100 MKS

50,000 USD

250 MKS

75,000 USD

350 MKS

100,000 USD

500 MKS

You will receive an automatic bonus when you reach the amount of the total turnover of the partner structure. Funds are automatically credited to your personal Marksman account

Let's talk about how Marksman helps you earn money consistently every day.

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