STRUDWICK, Henry Giles

President and CEO of Marksman Investments.

The path to success of the company is quite complex and quite often led us to failures that turn into failures of our lives. Success requires a lot of hard work, patience and courage to face challenges and all possible obstacles.

Our goals

  • Provide trouble - free access to cryptocurrencies and global earnings for everyone in the world.
  • Because of the uniqueness of the project and a professional approach to trading processes, it helps to increase the level of stability in the market as a whole.
  • We work for reputation, not for a bank account.

Every day there are more and more of us, and we want to see the crypto economy in every city in the world. We believe that cryptocurrencies represent a real revolution in the global economy. E-coin will become a driving force for economic prosperity, especially in developing countries.

How we work

Marksman Investments is a trading company which was developed by an industry expert that serves as a universal portfolio for all investors. Buying / selling currency pairs are the main concept of the company, which allows people to earn a daily stable income with a high interest rate.

We believe that stable development of the company is possible only if the interests of all those involved in shaping the final result of its work are respected: shareholders, staff and management.

We believe that this approach of working and the high professionalism of our team allowed us to take a worthy position among the largest trading companies in the UK.

Our advantages

All the investment funds are available in your account and always at your fingertips.

You are able to manage your investments from anywhere in the world. All operations take place in your personal account.


The safety of funds

Our platform will provide you with security and stability of your funds, thanks to close and business relationships with our partners and the legal market.


Investing without trading

The stock market is a difficult tool for beginners, but it is a huge potential income for smart and experienced investors such as Marksman


We conduct analysis and trading volume

Our analysts and experts analyze the cryptocurrency market to specific pairs, growth-fall, and also monitor the volume of trading on exchanges around the clock. Together, these processes demonstrate the high efficiency and reliability of our company.


Crypto Pools

The company offers you very favorable and flexible conditions for participation in any of our investment pools. Depending on the amount of your Deposit, as well as the term of the selected investment period.

Marksman Development

  • The beginning

    Marksman Investments Limited is registered. And at the beginning of 2016, it has established itself as a stable and profitable company.

  • Cryptocurrency Launch Planning

    Planning the launch of cryptocurrency.

  • The beginning of the development of the token

    A lab for the development of Marksman Coin was created, more than 200 cryptocurrency researchers and engineering talents were hired. A team of more than 50 people began contributing to algorithm development and market analytics.

  • Online platform

    It was decided to create an online platform where everyone from anywhere in the world could invest profitably and make a daily profit.

  • Meeting of investors

    In the end of 2019 meeting of investors, where the concept of an online platform and the cryptocurrency were presented was held.

  • Presentation of the online platform

    A meeting of investors, where the concept of the online platform and the cryptocurrency were presented was held.

  • Launch of the platform

    The online platform has been developed and launched in beta mode.

  • Conducting a closed ICO

    A closed token sale ICO is planned for 2020.

  • Adding coins to the exchange

    The MKS coin is scheduled to be released on the exchanges.

  • App and Wallet

    A presentation of the mobile app concept is planned for 2020, as well as the concept of wallet.

  • Anniversary of the company

    November 28, 2020 - the company's Anniversary - 5 years of Marksman Investments.

  • Marksman APP & Marksman Wallet

    The mobile platform is scheduled to launch on January, 2021, as well as the e-wallet application of Marksman Wallet.


The company's reports and documents are presented below.

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Let's talk about how Marksman helps you earn money consistently every day.

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