Marksman MKS


Marksman Coin (MKS)

MKS Coin it is a domestic currency of the Marksman company. You are able to get these coins free, if you do some basic tasks which are available on your own platform.

Marksman company have been developing since 2016.
Strudwick Henry Giles is owner of the company. He has presented the plan of the MKS cryptocurrency development, where major shareholders participated.

Marksman is a huge society. It attracts the best cryptocurrency specialists and talented engineers from around the world.



We use hidden addresses and RingCT for anonymity of the origin of the amount of money and destination network for all transactions.


Users have to trust Marksman. We are confidently provide security and anonymity of the all transactions.
All transactions are cryptographically secure using the newest and most effective encryption tools. Moreover, they protected by Blockchain technology.

The people behind our success

More that 50 specialists contributed to the Marksman company.
Research laboratory and group of implementers always push the boundaries with confidentiality and safety of our platform.

Get MKS Coin

Nowadays you are capable to get MKS Coin free through the doing basic tasks which are available on your own platform.
Furthermore, you can easily convert MKS Coin in USD and withdraw money on your own online wallet (you have to have one active deposit).

Let's talk about how Marksman helps you earn money consistently every day.

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