In order to start working with a Marksman company you need to fill out a registration form, where you enter your username, email address and password, which will protect your account from unauthorized access by third parties. Create and enter a PIN, that will be required in the future in order to confirm certain actions like a withdrawal, changing your billing account and so on. You have to remember it and save it in a safe place.
Only one. Detecting multiple registrations by one user for each other in any way will lead to blocking all accounts in the system and nullifying their balances. Registration of multiple accounts from the same IP address that are not connected by a referral link is allowed.
This function is not provided owing to the fact that email address is a significant element of user identification. So, we strongly recommend you to enter your email address carefully and not to use mail services which offer email addresses for a short period of time because you can not receive emails from the company.

To enter and change payment details, you must enter the PIN that was entered by the user during the registration. If you encounter any issues, please contact the support service or write to the online chat.

Please notice that Marksman company allows you to withdraw funds to any available payment system in the same currency, regardless of the method of entry, so we urge you to store your PIN and do not tell anyone (even the technical support service) your PIN that was entered during registration.

Marksman is not responsible for the funds withdrawn by cyber criminals to other payment systems or to erroneous details filled in by the user. Moreover, company will not be able to return funds in the future! Please, pay attention and be careful during filling in payment details that you will use! If you have any difficulties, contact the support operator.

If you forgot the password, you should use the «Recover» function on the enter page. Instructions for resetting passwords will be sent on yor email address. If email doesn't arrive for a long time, check the «Spam» folder and make sure that you have entered this email address during registration.
Company ensures confidentiality of the information that you have entered on the Only this domain is the official domain of the Marksman Investment company. No others including similar or consonant are not domains of the Marksman Investment company.
Our company took care of absolutely user protection from a variety of cyber attacks.
  • EV SSL is installed. It is a certificate which was confirmed by the official documentation of the company in the UK. It guarantees protected and encrypted user connection.
  • The all servers of the company are created on the dedicated IP with the high volume of protection from the variety of cyber attacks including DDoS of all levels.
  • For users protection from the viruses and Malware we use defense of the companies like Thawte, Trustwave, Sitelock, Sectigo. The site is checked for viruses and Malware every day.
  • The significant protection factor of the users accounts in our system is PIN, which you have to enter every time when you make any transactions or when you edit the user's personal data, which includes security settings and other doings. This minimizes the risk of loss of funds if you lose control of your account.
  • Every client has an opportunity to set two-factor authentication protection (2FA) for own account under «Settings/Security». This allows you to protect your account as effectively as possible from rascally actions, which aim at gaining access to user accounts by using password mining. We strongly recommend you to install 2FA protection immediately after registering on our platform.
  • The company's staff of the Technical Department constantly monitor the status of servers and their level of protection, so all possible difficulties are promptly resolved. In spite of the maximum protection and care for user privacy by our specialists, we urge you to use complicated passwords for authentication, save PIN in a safety, use additional protection methods (which are located in the «Settings» section of the account), not to share your personal data to other people and regularly check your payment details for correctness, including before each withdrawal.
In order to open a pool, you have to deposit your personal account by using the «Deposit» function in your personal account after registration. You can use any of the proposed payment systems. The full list of available methods for financial transactions is accessible on your personal account. After receiving funds, you ought to specify the required investment and invest in the selected pool.
Profit is accrued every day. If the pool is opened on Friday, the first dividends accrual will occur on Saturday. The dividend is calculated at 7:15 AM by London.
No, the pool cannot be closed prematurely. The pool can be closed after the completion of the minimum investment.
You can use the calculator in your personal account, on the page of the pool that you have selected.
For most payment systems, this operation occurs instantly and automatically after paying the invoice and following all steps, which were described in the merchant of the payment system. For some payment systems, the transaction might take 24 hours. If the amount is not reflected in your account after 30 minutes, contact the support chat.
Yes, you are able to reinvest your profits. To do this, top up the Deposit account from the accrued funds. The function of automatic profit investment is also accessible. You can switch Deposit to automatic investment mode. In this case, you will receive an additional 5% of the current Deposit rare.
The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the balance is 0.1 USD, for cryptocurrency payment systems - 0.002 BTC in equivalent.
Yes, there are commissions for withdrawals of up to 5% of the withdrawal amount depending on the chosen payment system. This information will be reflected when you select the payment method. At the same time, you can withdraw funds to any payment system, regardless of the input method. So, there is always an option to withdraw to the payment where the commission is minimal or not at all.
Marksman guarantees a high level of service, requests for withdrawals are instantly entered in the queue for automatic processing and waiting is minimized. In some cases, it might take 15 minutes.
Participation in the partner program will allow you to increase the amount of profit received. Each Deposit replenishment which was attracted by referrals will bring you additional passive income. Referrals are people you have attracted to the company. Referrals become active after opening Deposit.
The amount of partner reward depends on the level of referral in the depth of your structure. Our company has three levels of accrual of partner payments:
  • 9% of the 1st level referral Deposit
  • 3% of the 2nd level referral Deposit
  • 1% of the 3rd level referral Deposit
Furthermore, there are bonuses for achieving certain amounts of the entire partner structure, which can be found in the section «Ecosystem» then «Affiliate program».
If the certain amount of Deposits is reached, the rank bonus will be automatically credited to your personal account.
Landing is a unique product in the form of an individual advertising page that can be used anywhere in order to advertise your affiliate link and attract referrals. The uniqueness of the landing page is an opportunity to share the link with your relatives, unless you have your own site. They will be able to learn about all advantages of our company and the attractiveness of investment conditions using just one page. Thus you will receive an affiliate commission in accordance with the terms of the affiliate program. Try it, it works!
Yes, it is not important to make investment to work under a partner program.
No, these kinds of actions are prohibited by the company's rules.
Bounty program is a product of the Marksman platform which was created in order to promote and popularize our brand. By completing uncomplicated tasks, you are capable of receiving monetary rewards that can be used for investment purposes and for withdrawal to your system wallet.
  • Write a review. We pay for reviews on our company's site, as well as on other sites of our partners or representatives.
  • Make a video. We pay for any videos about our company which contain useful information or emphasize the company's advantages.
  • Write an article. We pay for high-quality articles on popular resources.
  • Make a video-Stories on Instagram. We pay for fascinating videos which have posted on popular accounts on Instagram.
  • And others..
For more information about task conditions, see the Bounty program on the "Ecosystem" section.
Rewards for completing tasks are paid as a MKS bonus to the account balance, from which funds can be withdrawn to your payment system wallet or invested into the pool. Please, pay attention! Bonuses for completed tasks are pain manually, so you must wait from 24 to 48 hours after submitting your application.

Still have questions?

If you can not find the answer to your question in the FAQ, you can always contact the online chat. We will answer you quickly!

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